The Good, The Bad, The Newbie

SOP (Song of the Post): The Fall- The Weeknd

I don’t want to hear it. I know what you are all thinking right now. The doubt. Lip curling disgust. But mind you I don’t care. You’re going to read this whether you want to or not because something deep in your soul is drawing you to this mockery of blog and to the words of this shadow of a human being. I’m kind of  a lost case. My life’s shrouded in the pursuit of success and haunted by the sureness of defeat. I want what everyone wants. Right? Success, money, fame, happiness and I’m going to get there. One day, document my failures and defeat. The small nuances of life. The tender touches of a family, the sharp razor of society. We can talk about anything because it’s free here. Right here on Isis Reincarnated, this very blog, you can say anything that you’ve ever wanted to say. We won’t judge you. This blog is for the normal people. Respect the sanctity of this computer screen and tell me every thought you’ve ever pondered. I’ll do the same. Treat this blog as a self dependent treatment for anxiety, anger, feelings of insignificance. I’ll do it all. Because see this is OUR blog. Not mine, not yours, OUR which means its open for all of your thoughts and feelings just as it is open for me. We’ll combat this life together. This is all I need. So kick back. That’s right go ahead and put your feet up. Grab a nice mug of espresso or tea. Pick up your cup of Dr. Pepper and sip slowly. Not fast. Enjoy the fact that you’re being controlled by someone you never seen. Accept the fact that you are mesmerized and your contentedness right now is beyond belief. Get cozy. We’ll exist together in harmony. 

Comment and tell me a little bit about yourself and what you would like to see on this blog. Everything goes.

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